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Bradenton Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Drugs and drug trafficking are ongoing concerns in Florida. For anyone accused of drug trafficking, the legal process can seem daunting and the potential outcome frightening. At Mark Lipinski PA, we provide representation to clients with drug trafficking issues in Bradenton, Florida, and surrounding communities. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing criminal law cases, including trafficking in drugs.

Drug trafficking is the most significant drug charge. From drug importation to drug smuggling, trafficking involves the delivery, possession, sale or manufacturing of a certain amount of drugs. Drug trafficking charges include severe penalties in the form of mandatory minimum sentences that amount to several years in prison for most drug convictions and seven years for oxycodone. Only four grams of oxycodone can be considered trafficking. The threshold required to constitute a drug trafficking offense varies with the kind of drug; lesser amounts can be considered drug possession.

In any drug trafficking case, we are aggressive in our pursuit of our client's rights. We carefully review the facts of every case to provide a sound defensive strategy, such as Fourth Amendment violations during search and seizure. A motion to suppress evidence can sometimes get charges dropped completely. If we are unable to get charges dropped, we seek a not-guilty verdict. If a conviction is imminent we strive to attain minimum sentences, if possible. Our experienced lawyers have the background in criminal law required to guide clients through the legal process and achieve resolution.

Bradenton Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Don't face a drug trafficking charge alone; contact us. Please call us at 941-747-5228 or send us an e-mail to schedule an initial consultation to evaluate your case and identify legal options. From the start, we place a high value on good communication with our clients, and have Spanish translation services available.

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