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Lauren began her career as a legal assistant at the State Attorney's Office. After leaving the State, she worked for several years with The Law Office of Scarlett Guy, P.A. before joining Mark Lipinski, PA. Lauren is currently attending the University of South Florida, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Criminology, and plans to enter law school when she graduates.


Laz began his career working for the Manatee County Clerk of Court. After eight great years with the Clerk, he was recruited by Mark Lipinski, P.A. to join the firm as a legal assistant. He joined the firm in January 2011. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the court system and clerk policies and procedures. He is a wonderful addition to the firm.


Clients always enjoy a warm heart-felt greeting from Arlo. As the official mascot of Mark Lipinski PA., Arlo the wonder dog is renowned for his steady amicable response. This yellow lab knows his place in legal circles and always stands proud. His cordial demeanor reflects the highly personalized attention and service clients receive at this capable firm.

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